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New jersey Push for Legalization

The legalization of marijuana will be on the ballot in New Jersey next month, offering voters the opportunity to vote for or against the reform. According to Marijuana Business Daily, this step may encourage New York to follow suit.

Along with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, New York is one of the states contemplating adult-use cannabis legalization. If successful, New Jersey's ballot initiative might have a significant impact on New York's marijuana policy. The accomplishment of New Jersey's reform, according to New Jersey CannaBusiness Association President Scott Rudder, "will be the final hurdle for New York, Pennsylvania, and adjacent states."

Bridget Hill-Zayat, a cannabis lawyer, is of the same mind. "It's going to motivate the surrounding states for sure," said the Hoban Law Group attorney.

The state of New Jersey is pushing for legalization.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, this possible progress will have the greatest impact in New York.

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